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Whether you need creative, specialized, and long-lasting Nidhi software, Unicorn Technology provides all the cutting-edge software options that will support your company's operations across a variety of locations, gadgets, browsers, and operating systems.

As the operation of a Nidhi software business is complex, maintaining the firm without any artificial aid is usually a challenging effort and may even entail risks of errors. The software helps manage the shares, fixed deposit (FD), recurring deposit (DDS), loan, etc. Errors may become a major headache for the company when it comes to the banking industry.

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Nidhi Company software

Our software is easy to use and beneficial for any firm engaged in Nidhi-related activities. Our software is completely adaptable, giving the company all the tools necessary for efficient operations.

This is a list of every software module and functionality we provide. Every month, we add the newest modules and features to our programme. We make an effort to stay current with industry developments. Our R&D team is always trying to provide our clients with the most recent upgrades.

Today's modern corporate world is entirely dependent on technology. To make it more business-friendly, companies are spending a lot of money on research and analysis. Modern financial services manage it better thanks to far more sophisticated technologies. And those who do not use it are seen as being outdated. You must decide how far you are willing to take your Nidhi business in order to provide them with services they have never received.


The Benefits of Nidhi as India's Finest Software


For Nidhi businesses, Nidhi software offers an integrated accounting software solution. It automates all of a Nidhi's fundamental tasks, including member registration, deposit and withdrawal processing, loan administration, and accounting. The Core Banking Nidhi software is regularly updated with the most recent sophisticated security updates. It is built on the most recent technological stack. It is adaptable cloud-based software that can be utilised by both small and large enterprises.


Customer & Collection Mobile App

Customer mobile app with complete banking solutions, including the ability to recharge and pay bills, scan and pay, and transfer funds.


Regulatory Compliance Program

Legal compliance has always been the most crucial component of any business. The NDH-3, NDH-1, Balance Sheet, and P&L reports that are required for Compliance Filing are all accessible with just one click.


Banking Services

Because Nidhi software is coupled with reputable payment aggregators and payment gateways, you may provide your clients NEFT and IMPS services. Moreover, customers can accept payments using UPI ID/QRCode.


Pre-printed stationery is not necessary.

Forms for membership, deposit and loan applications, FD/RD bonds, and account statements for both types of loans are all available.


P&L, tax, accounting, and auditing friendly.

All of your accounting activities may be managed and customised using the same software.


EMIS Loan and Recurrent Deposit Collecting.

You may quickly and efficiently collect recurring EMIS for RD and Loan Accounts using the E-Mandate Service. Also, you may offer a payment link on your website for customers to use to pay for EMIS.


Maintain Cases & Documents

Organize your documents and case information anyway you choose.


Safe Data Processing

Safeguard your data with secure loan & deposit management software.


Server prepared

Prepare yourself Go! Launch the onboarding of new consumers in 24 hours.

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A Nidhi software that uses automated open source core banking was founded with the goal of serving its members. The wellbeing of India's outlying regions is the main emphasis of the services these organisations are offering.

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Nidhi Software Package is full of powerful features.

We are really sincere and prompt in our commitment to the cause. A wide range of small and major financial associations can benefit from Unicorn Technologies Nidhi Software's superior qualifications.

  • Web application with many branches and multi-user functionality.
  • Incredibly functional, user-friendly.
  • Beautiful and well-written reports format.
  • Report export capabilities to several practical formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel. user-defined and customised reports.
  • Administration of memberships, operational accounts, and term deposits.
  • Loans and Advances, Standing Instructions, Cash Transaction
  • The system is built to operate in a network setting so that multiple users can access and change data at once.
  • High levels of adaptability, expansion, and upgradeability. Any organizations may use the programme, and it can be readily improved or expanded to incorporate other activities as needed.
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  • Using a modular architecture and correct integration will provide trouble-free operations without adding unnecessary complexity.
  • Maximum operational security, which is crucial for financial transactions.
  • User-friendliness which ensures hassle free usage.
  • Having built-in checks and balances, authorisation processes, etc., control over activities.
  • Large quantities of transactions can be handled by the programme without any problems.
  • General Ledger, Financial Statements, Day Book, and Trial Balance
  • M.I.S, Initialization and configuration.

Nidhi Software Features Module

  Entry Module
  • Branch Master
  • Region Master
  • State Master
  • Plan Master
  • Rank Master
  • Commission Master
  • Relation Master
  • Bank Master
  • Configuration Master
  • Target Master
  • Prize Master
  • Voucher Master
  • Account Master
  • Dividend Master
  • Maturity Master
  • Loan Master
  • Interest Master
  • Financial Year Master
  • Member / Associate Entry
  • Member / Associate Search
  • Member / Associate Joining Report
  • Member / Associate Detail Report
  • Member / Associate Wise Search
  • Associate Chain
  • Member / Associate Down line
  • Member / Associate Transfer
  • Member / Associate Rank Promotion
  • Member / Associate Rank Promotion
  • Active & Inactive Member / Associate
  • I-card Print
  • Investment Entry
  • Renewal Entry
  • Multi-renewal Entry
  • Multi-investment Multi-renewal Entry
  • Investment / Investment Renewal Approve
  • Renewal Pending List Branch / Associate Wise
  • Search Investment
  • Business Report
  • Business Report Plan Wise
  • Business Report Summary
  • Business Certificate / Bond Approve
  • Business Certificate / Bond Print
  • Spot Commission Payment
  • Certificate / Bond Dispatch Tracking
  • Account Opening Entry
  • Account Approval
  • Account Transaction
  • Account Transaction Approval
  • Auto Interest Calculation
  • Auto Interest Payment
  • Account to Account Transfer
  • Account Search
  • Account Ledger
  • Account Report (All Category)
  • Account Passbook Print
  • Loan Master
  • Loan Group Master
  • Single Loan Entry
  • Group Loan Entry
  • Loan Requisitiony
  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan EMI Payment
  • Loan Payment / Approval Report
  • Loan Disbursement Report
  • Loan Search Member / Branch Wise
  • Loan Account Ledger
  • Maturity Master
  • Maturity Requisition
  • Maturity Approval
  • Maturity Payment
  • Maturity Part Payment
  • Maturity Re-investment
  • Maturity Search
  • Maturity Report
  • Member Joining Approval
  • Associate Joining Approval
  • Investment Approval
  • Investment Renewal Approval
  • Certificate / Bond Approval
  • Savings Account Approval
  • Savings Account Transaction Approval
  • Loan Approval
  • Maturity Approval
  • Payment Approval
  • Cheque Business Approval
  • Other Approvals
  • User Management
  • Create User ID and Password
  • User Type Master
  • User Tracking
  • User Block / Unblock
  • Modify & Delete Any Data
  • User Activity Report
  • Send Notifications to Members and Associates
  • Inter Branch Communications
  • Voucher Master
  • Voucher Root
  • Voucher Generation
  • Voucher Search and Print
  • Voucher List Search and Print
  • Voucher Summary Associate Wise
  • Voucher Status Report Print and Pay
  • Voucher Payment
  • Advance Payment and Adjustment
  • Voucher Payment Transfer to Savings Account
  • Commission / Voucher Payment
  • MIS Payment
  • Spot Commission Payment
  • Maturity Payment
  • Advance Payment and Adjustment
  • Loan Payment
  • Prize Payment
  • General Account Related Payment
  • All Payments Transfer to Savings Account
  • Member Modify
  • Associate Modify
  • Investment Modify
  • Investment Renewal Modify
  • Savings Account Modify
  • Savings Account Transaction Modify
  • Loan Modify
  • Loan Approval Modify
  • Account Related Entry and Payment Modify
  • All Payment Modification
  • All other kinds of Modification
  • Cash Book / Bank Book
  • Account Head Creation
  • Expenditure Group Creation
  • Budget Creation
  • Expenditure Entry Requisition
  • Expenditure Entry Approval
  • Expenditure payment
  • Other Income Entry
  • Budget Expenditure Requisition
  • Budget Expenditure Approval
  • Budget Expenditure Payment
  • Budget Expenditure Report
  • Branch Fund Transfer
  • Branch Fund Transfer Approval
  • Day Book
  • Trail Balance
  • Auto Cash / Balance Sheet
  • Cash Sheet Summary
  • Bank Deposit Entry
  • Bank Withdrawal Entry
  • Bank Account Ledger
  • Day End Denomination Entry
  • Branch Day End Closing
  • Joining Acknowledgement Print
  • I-card Print
  • All Kinds of Money Receipt Print
  • Bond and Certificate Print
  • Passbook Print
  • Voucher Print
  • CLD Print
  • Member / Associate Search
  • Investment Search
  • Total Business Search (All Category)
  • Associate Self and Team Business Search
  • Loan Search
  • Savings Account Search
  • Approval Search
  • All kinds of Payment Search
  • All kinds of Print Pending and Due List Search
  • All kinds of Member / Associate Report
  • Business Report (All Category)
  • Business Report Plan Wise
  • Business Report Summary
  • Associate Collection Report Branch Wise
  • Associate Collection Report Rank Wise
  • Associate Self and Team Business Report
  • Savings Account Report
  • Loan Report (All Category)
  • Income Expenditure Report
  • Bond / Certificate Print and Dispatch Report
  • Cheque Business Report
  • All kinds of Approval Report
  • All kinds of Payment Report
  • All kinds of Investment Report
  • All kinds of Modification Report
  • TDS Report
  • All kinds of Account Related Report
  • All kinds of Print Report
  • Auto SMS
  • Individual SMS
  • Group SMS
  • Notification SMS
  • Automatic Dividend Calculation
  • Automatic Interest Calculation
  • Automatic Voucher Generation
  • Automatic Installment Generation
  • Automatic Penalty Calculation
  • Automatic EMI Calculation
  • Automatic Cash sheet Generation
  • Modify Password
  • Update Some Information
  • Check Their Self and Team Business
  • Send Joining Requisition
  • Send Investment Requisition
  • Send Investment Renewal Requisition
  • Loan Apply
  • Loan EMI Payment
  • Send Account Opening Requisition
  • View Their Account Summary
  • Transfer Fund to Other Account
  • View Their Loan Status
  • View Last 6 Months Voucher
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • View & Print Money Receipt
  • Last Activity
  • My Notification
  • Real Time Update
  • Highly Secured
  • All data are Encrypted
  • Mass SMS /E-mail
  • SMS / E-mail Notifications
  • Fully Customizable
  • All Reports for Audit Purpose
  • User Friendly GUI
  • Easy to Handle (Without having any computer knowledge)
  • Bar Code Facilities
  • 24*7 Online Support
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/ Rs


  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...


/ Rs

Half Yearly

  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...


/ Rs


  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...

Addon Features

  • SMS Service (10 K message) = ₹ 2300
  • Prepaid Card Service = ₹ 20000
  • Credit card Agency = ₹ 25000
  • Internet Banking Facility to check balance = ₹ 15000
  • Android Mobile App = ₹ 35000
  • New Website = ₹ 15000
  • Any other customization as per your need = ₹ 5000(min.)
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