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The definition of a non-banking financial company (NBFC) is an organisation that offers banking services and facilities without falling under the legal definition of a bank. NBFCs, or non-banking financial organisations, offer banking services such loans, credit facilities, TFCs, retirement planning, investing, and stocking in the money market and are governed by the Reserve Bank of India's banking laws. They cannot accept deposits from the general public, though, in any way. These businesses offer their services in both urban and rural regions, and the majority of them give loans, which promote the expansion of new businesses. They are essential to the economy.

Moreover, NBFCs offer a wide range of financial services including cash advances and reserves. As a result, it has grown to be a crucial component of our country's gross domestic product, with NBFCs alone responsible for a 12.5% growth. The majority of individuals favour NBFCs over banks because they believe they can provide their financial needs quickly, efficiently, and safely. Also, a variety of loan solutions are offered, and their services are flexible and transparent.

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For the users' consumers and members, NBFC Software provides a complete, flawlessly integrated, adaptable, cutting-edge solution. The user's whole loan lifecycle will be managed by it. By automating business procedures and enabling consumers to use fully customised products in a matter of minutes, such software would increase both the total and overall operational effectiveness of banks and their clients.

It is relatively typical for NBFCs to engage in numerous business sectors, and the continually shifting market dynamics will make it easier for NBFCs to provide new products or modify their current offerings to match consumer demand. This distinguished team is aware of the requirement for software that NBFCs have in order to offer a variety of products via their business lines and to carry out tasks that span the whole loan life cycle.


Overview on NBFC Software


Unicorn Technology NBFC Software is intended to make running NBFC businesses as simple as possible. The entire system is designed with layers of structural and functional functionality. An excellent potential for process automation and operational simplification in current operations is provided by the workflows and business rules engine.


Advanced user interface

The beautiful and exact user interface of the most dependable NBFC software provides you with a survey of the full scenario on the dashboard itself. It provides a thorough breakdown of incoming data as well as condensed summaries for account information, payments, and other random activity.


Very Personalized Approach

Very Personalized Approach We contemplate creating custom IT solutions since we adhere to the demands of modernizing enterprises. Our specialists have made every effort to assess the worst case situations that your company might encounter, and we adopt a highly customized strategy in accordance with your needs.


Quick and simple KYC

The fundamental strategy for any investment in NBFCs is documentation. Minor mistakes might interfere with the information insertion operations. To reduce the possibility of procedure mistakes, the admin can electronically input the data using the NBFC programme.


Big Data Management

The NBFC management software has been carefully designed so that it can easily handle and preserve massive volumes of data. It ensures a steady flow of data so that users do not need to rely on supplemental advantages. Up to 50,000 users may be handled simultaneously by our programme with ease.


Simple Tracking

Movement and data monitoring are essential, but we have built our Own software with superior tracking algorithms that monitor user activity down to the last detail. The system logs all online and offline activities as well as file use.


dependable data structures

We use a data format called Normalized Format that decreases duplication in our software. It enables the system to work effectively to eliminate repetitions, which will lighten the system's load.

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A NBFC software that uses automated open source core banking was founded with the goal of serving its members. The wellbeing of India's outlying regions is the main emphasis of the services these organisations are offering.

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NBFC Software Package is full of powerful features.

We are really sincere and prompt in our commitment to the cause. A wide range of small and major financial associations can benefit from Unicorn Technologies NBFC Software's superior qualifications.

  • Changes to needed papers, uploads, and a pendency list are all part of document management.
  • According to the priority, the administrator can establish the user permissions.
  • On the agent panel, the agent may get a report of his total collections.
  • The customer panel allows them to upload papers for the loan process, and they can also get information about the loan process and the status of supplied documents there.
  • Installment Frequency like (Daily/Weekly/bi- Weekly /Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly.
  • The complete loan procedure from application to payout is covered, including address, CIBIL, CPA, and Adhar verification.
  • MIS reports to check customers ledger report, list of letters, cp report, interest certificate etc.
  • Easy cash, Cheque and transfer payment collection.
  • Many branches can be created using software. There is a standard interface for all branches. For all branches, reports are centralised.
  • Printing options for the loan application form and the agreement document.
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Nbfc Software in India
  • Check for Customer Duplication.
  • A branch user may establish an unlimited number of clients.
  • Channel Partner Panel.
  • The address supplied by the client when referenced from the loan application form, as well as KYC documents, are verified on the address verification login page.
  • Use the CIBIL Verification page to check the CIBIL-related information and upload the customer's verification report.
  • Fraud prevention measures include security checking to prevent duplicate entries (for example, the customer's Pan Number may be utilised for that purpose), so that the system can automatically track down any IDs that are opened under different names but with the same Pan Number.
  • Integrated to financial accounting.
  • In our software collector, the collecting procedure is done online using a mobile or web browser, with the option to authorise on the admin or branch panel.
  • Web based ERP with Multi-Location Branch .
  • Creating a text file for loan disbursements in bank format.

Software Features Module

  • Data Representation
  • Graphic Representation
  • Change Password
  • Create Financial Year
  • View/Update Financial Year
  • Lock Setting
  • View Login Details
  • View Enquiry Details
  • View Query Details
  • View Testimonials
  • View Call Me
  • View Reach Us
  • Create Loan Product
  • View Loan Product
  • Create Processing Fee
  • Create Secured/Unsecured Loan
  • View Secured/Unsecured Loan
  • Add Document List
  • Create Loan Cycle
  • View/Update Loan Cycle
  • Add Document Category
  • Add Property
  • C Partner Report
  • Outstanding Report
  • Disbursement Register
  • Fore closer
  • Closed Loan Accounts
  • List of Letters
  • View Partner Target Allotment
  • Ledger Report
  • View Collection Report
  • EMI Pending Details
  • Disbursement register
  • List of Letters
  • View Invoice/KYC Docs
  • Interest Certificate
  • Group
  • Create Group
  • View Group
  • Create Ledger
  • View Ledger
  • Ledger Opening Balance
  • Opening Balance List
  • Update TDS
  • Loan Payment
  • Interest Report
  • Collection Report
  • Loan O/s Report
  • Receipt Report
  • Redemption Report
  • List of Letters
  • Accounting
  • Create Loan Application
  • Approve Customer
  • Receive Payment
  • Foreclosure Charges
  • Request for waived Off
  • Part Payment
  • Print Receipt
  • Fore Closer Request
  • View Fore Closer Request
  • Day Book
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • View Entry
  • Trial Balance
  • Receipt and Payment Account
  • P & L Statement
  • TDS Payable
  • Balance Sheet
  • TDS Payable
  • Utility
  • Loan Calculator
  • Software Manual
  • Software Map
  • Create State
  • View/Update State
  • Create News
  • View/Update News
  • Add IP Address
  • View/Update IP Address
  • Create District
  • View/Update District
  • Create Country
  • Pending Loans for Approval
  • Floating Emi change
  • View Invoice/KYC Docs
  • View Fore Closer Request
  • Add Item Group
  • Add Item In Group
  • Interest Setting
  • Create Branch
  • View/Update Branch
  • Create Branch user
  • View/Update Branch user
  • IP Wise Enable/Disable
  • Contact Management
  • Create Agent
  • View/Update Agent
  • Target Loan Allot
  • View Loan Target Allot
  • Insurance Target Allot
  • View Insurance Target
  • Insurance Deposit Data
  • Repayment Schedule
  • Create New Loan
  • Upload Document
  • View/Disbursed A/c
  • Disbursal Payment
  • Interest Receipt
  • Emi Receipt
  • Redemption(Interest type)
  • Loan closure(Emi type)
  • Disburse. Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Basic Interest
  • Penal Interest Charge
  • Over Due Interest Charge
  • Cheque Bounced Charge
  • Service Tax Payable
  • Advance PF Receive
  • View Running Loan
  • View Rejected Loan
  • View Collection Report
  • EMI Pending Details
  • Customer Payment Details
  • View Disbursed Pending
  • Interest change Report
  • View Disbursed Pending
  • Interest change Report
  • View Account Details
  • View Pending Loan's Report
  • Closed loan Account
  • Loan Payment Report
  • Pending Loan For Approval
  • Interest Report
  • Collection Report
  • Loan O/S Report
  • Receipt Report
  • Redemption Report
  • List Of Letters
  • View Rejected Loans
  • Loan Calculator
  • Software Manual
  • Software Map
  • View Customer
  • Logged In Details
  • Contact Management
  • Approve Customer
  • Property Description
  • Application form print data
  • Create New Loan
  • Upload Documents
  • Advance Pro Fees
  • View/Disburse Loan Accounts
  • Disbursal Payment
  • Repayment Schedule
  • Receipt
  • Payment
  • Journal Entry
  • Cheque Reconciliation
  • Admin User Rights
  • Branch User Rights
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/ Rs


  • Customer Management
  • Accounting
  • Loan Management
  • Print
  • Report
  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...


/ Rs

Half Yearly

  • Customer Management
  • Accounting
  • Loan Management
  • Print
  • Report
  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...


/ Rs


  • Customer Management
  • Accounting
  • Loan Management
  • Print
  • Report
  • Email Service
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
  • And many More...

Addon Features

  • SMS Service (10 K message) = ₹ 2300
  • Prepaid Card Service = ₹ 20000
  • Credit card Agency = ₹ 25000
  • Internet Banking Facility to check balance = ₹ 15000
  • Android Mobile App = ₹ 35000
  • New Website = ₹ 15000
  • Any other customization as per your need = ₹ 5000(min.)
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