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Unicorn Technologies has created software that is easy to use, accurate, and effective. The backbone of Microfinance firms is the software that is created. The Microfinance software created here has some of the greatest features to make running a loan Microfinance easier. As technology aficionados, Unicorn Technologies creates software that is effective, secure, and loaded with features to make it easier to use.

Smart banking features are provided by Microfinance software, allowing you to concentrate on other business-related activities. Microfinance is a hugely profitable industry due to its easy access to financial resources and the large number of unbanked people who lack credit histories.

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The components that make up the Microfinance software can keep an eye on what goes on inside a microlending institution. As an administrator, it's crucial to keep track of every action a microfinance firm engages in, which is why the software designed for online microfinance is a pro at recording activities and preserving the information for later use.

Among areas with minimal resources and opportunities for economic growth, Microfinance provide financial services and small business loans. Microfinance assist these small enterprises in growing by leveraging the talents and core competencies already present in these areas by providing them with their microfinance loan.

Some of the extremely crucial features that our microfinance management software contains include member registration, user administration, loan processing, loan distribution, financial accounting, commission calculation, etc. As these are some of a microfinance company's most crucial components, it is ensured that a single microfinance software can provide high-quality service.


Overview on Microfinance Software


Unicorn Technology MicroFinance Software is intended to make running MicroFinance businesses as simple as possible. The entire system is designed with layers of structural and functional functionality. An excellent potential for process automation and operational simplification in current operations is provided by the workflows and business rules engine.


Dashboard & Reports

Smarter dashboards to instantly gain a bigger image of the Company and thorough reports to aid management in evaluating the organization's activity.


Bank Disbursement

Loan payments may be made by NEFT or check. Bank account information for customers will be collected during enrolment and modified before payment is made.


Email & SMS Integration

Using SMS and email to integrate crucial transactions facilitates timely communication.


Aadhar E-KYC Integrated.

The e-KYC makes it easier to complete the KYC procedure online by doing away with the requirement to fill out physical forms and provide physical documentation.


Individual Lending

This module's features, which are all aimed at enhancing customer service, include the processing and approval of loan applications, document preparation, insurance calculations, collections (both PDC and ECS), and reporting.


Tab Based Member Sourcing.

This tab software, which is brimming with user-friendly features like KYC document collection, aids the Field Officers in finding members for loan processing swiftly.


Collection By Cards

The member can use this service to pay their EMI without using actual money. OTP will be used for member card authentication.


Group Lending

This fundamental module aids MFI organisations in effectively managing and monitoring their group loans since it includes the Maker & Checker idea and extensive reporting options.


Field Survey And Audit

Surveys conducted in the field to determine locations and related pin codes for MFI activities can be recorded. You may also conduct a member audit to screen out phoney members.

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A Microfinance software that uses automated open source core banking was founded with the goal of serving its members. The wellbeing of India's outlying regions is the main emphasis of the services these organisations are offering.

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Core Banking Solution for Microfinance from beginning to end

  • Uicorn technology, The banking solution has been specially created for MFI and is the ideal tool for banking agents and credit officers to use.
  • The integrated Unicorn technology backbone system streamlines MFI operations and other banking solutions, including approvals for field transactions.
  • MFI operations are changed by unicorn technology, which creates a single, unified platform for all offices and centres.

Microfinance Software Package is full of powerful features.

We are really sincere and prompt in our commitment to the cause. A wide range of small and major financial associations can benefit from Unicorn Technologies.

  • A comprehensive solution that enables our customer to have total control over a microfinance organisation is microfinance loan management software.
  • Our microfinance software features a flexible architecture that is both user-friendly and driven by innovation. For automation, credit analysis, and system administration, we offer the best services. It is also possible to customise and personalise the capabilities that our programme offers. By offering modules and reports in addition to our exceptionally safe software, we also assist.
  • The microfinance software has a multi-account plan and multiple locations and branches.
  • Our software is continually changing at Unicorn Technologies to meet client satisfaction. Also, our software provides a centralised fix.
  • Hard effort, client assistance, and timely delivery are the cornerstones of our success.
microfinance loan software
microfinance software in kolkata
  • With the help of our microfinance software, microfinance institutions may operate with the flexibility and convenience necessary to provide the greatest outcomes for their clients. Our software assists with loan processing, commission calculation, and many other features of this nature. We offer the greatest specifications for microfinance participants.
  • Further features of the microfinance banking software from Unicorn Technology include safety and security. Passwords are used to safeguard the programme adequately and prevent malicious users from accessing it. Also, each and every other kind of communication between the server and client is carefully secured.
  • Our microfinance software comes with 24-hour assistance to make sure that our clients always have a backup in case they run into problems.
  • The finest security mechanism is provided by our microfinance software since client chats are highly encrypted and password-protected.
  • Also, we offer a storing growth plan and a statement on agent commissions.

Microfinance Software Features Module

  Manage Admin
  • Password
  • Create Financial Year
  • View/Update Financial Year
  • Lock Setting
  • View Login Details
  • Loan Purpose
  • Loan Product
  • Loan Interest Type
  • Loan Interest
  • Create Loan Purpose
  • View Loan Purpose
  • Add Document Category
  • Add Document List
  • Pending Loan Approval
  • Active Loan List
  • Create Processing Fee
  • Loan Calculator
  • Disburse Loan
  • Country
  • State
  • District
  • Center
  • Document Category
  • Document
  • SB Account Scheme
  • FD Scheme
  • RD Scheme
  • Pending Loans For Approval
  • View Approved Loan Accounts
  • View Rejected Loan Accounts
  • View Collection Report
  • Customer Payment Details
  • Loan Balances
  • Disbursement Register
  • Debit / Credit Report
  • RD Collection Report
  • Account Statement
  • Loan EMI Paid Report
  • Unpaid Report
  • Outstanding Balance Report
  • Account Open
  • Open RD Account
  • Open FD Account
  • Account List
  • Upoad User Document
  • Print Account
  • Account Close
  • Collection Sheet
  • Loan Disbursement Document
  • Centre Loan Proposal
  • Loan Proposal Approval
  • Ledger Balancing Form
  • Centre Manager Report
  • EMI Due Report
  • Overdue
  • View Closed Loan Accounts
  • View Loan Documents
  • SubDay Book
  • Day Book
  • General Ledger
  • CashBook
  • BankBook
  • Receipt And Payment A/C
  • Balance Sheet
  • Create Branch
  • View/Update Branch
  • Create Branch user
  • View/Update Branch user
  • Contact Management
  • View Member Enrollment
  • View Member Online Applications
  • Add Employee
  • Employee List
  • Administrator
  • Division manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Collection Payment Report
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  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
  • 24/7 Support Team
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Half Yearly

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  • Payment Gateway Integration (Free)
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One Time

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Addon Features

  • SMS Service (10 K message) = ₹ 2300
  • Prepaid Card Service = ₹ 20000
  • Credit card Agency = ₹ 25000
  • Internet Banking Facility to check balance = ₹ 15000
  • Android Mobile App = ₹ 35000
  • New Website = ₹ 15000
  • Any other customization as per your need = ₹ 5000(min.)
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